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How to oder custom cabinets

Häcker cabinetry is highly customizable. All Häcker appliance cabinets are specifically built to fit the appliances and therefore constructed to use the most possible space in that cabinet. As Häcker likes to make installers life’s easier, the appliances are therefore very easy to install.

The following steps are important when ordering appliance housings:

1. Make sure to find a cabinet that looks similar the one you require

2. Send front elevations that show the cabinet front layout

3. Your Häcker technical order processor will make sure to find the correct cabinet for your appliance

4. For special appliance cabinets, please make sure to always provide the correct appliance specs.

You can also check in with your order processor before you send in the order to find out if your required custom cabinet is already available or possible for us to build.
We may need a day or two to complete your request, as multiple departments are involved.